Stretch wrapping film

Stretch wrapping film is designed to wrap and protect various products. It's very easy and quick to do, and the layers of film that stick perfectly to each other will ensure that you can easily seal the wrapped item.

Properly tensioned film will provide stability, objects wrapped in it will not move and will be reliably stabilized.

Stretch wrapping film, which you may often hear referred to simply as stretch wrap, is one of the most popular and versatile packaging materials. You can use it to pack whatever you want, as well as when there is a need to combine two or more separately packed items, for example, if there is a need to keep their packages from separating from each other, i.e. i.e. would form a group. Stretch wrap will be one of the best choices when it comes to providing stability to items stacked on wooden pallets during transportation. It is the best solution for securing even extremely large loads stacked on pallets. The elastic film reliably protects the items wrapped in it from moisture, dirt, dust and other effects from the environment.


The stretch packaging film is produced using a special technology that ensures excellent physical properties of the product. This film is characterized by continuity, but also strength. Due to its excellent properties, functionality and versatility, this stretch film is useful in various product life cycles: from the production process until it reaches the end user.


The film is available in two colors: clear and black (some sizes only).

The price of the packaging film varies. It depends on the thickness of the film, measured in microns, and the dimensions. Our email in the store, you will choose the film that will be most acceptable to you based on its data and price.

Our range includes stretchable packaging film with a thickness of 15, 17, 23 microns. 45 centimeters or 125 millimeters wide and 110, 200, 230, 300 meters long.

  • 15 micron thick and 45 cm wide stretch wrapping film will be a good choice even for loads weighing up to 600 kilograms. Regarding the height of the load, this width of wrapping film will be a better choice for lower loads or when there is a need to wrap only the top and bottom of the load.
  • The 17 micron thick and 45 cm wide packaging film is perfect for loads weighing up to about 700 kilograms or a little more. It is also suitable for lower loads or those loads that are sufficient to be wrapped with film at the top and bottom.
  • 23-micron-thick 45-width stretch film is an excellent choice for loads weighing up to 1,100 kilograms. Such a film is very suitable for higher and heavier loads.

Our range includes - the highest quality stretch film at a very attractive price. Another advantage of such a film is that it is recyclable, so it can be safely used by those who care about the environment and preserve it responsibly.

Since the packaging film is in a roll, you can wrap even huge loads very easily and quickly. The most important thing is to tighten the film when wrapping. Start wrapping the load on pallets from the bottom and work your way up. Properly tensioned film will provide stability, objects wrapped in it will not move and will be reliably stabilized.