Paper bags

Paper bags - are one of the most commonly chosen categories of packaging, the popularity of which is determined by their excellent quality and attractive price. The beautiful and aesthetic looking bags will be a very good choice for packing things, gifts, products, shopping, such as clothes, books, bottles, bread, tea, coffee, etc. Not only that, they can perform the function of disseminating information, advertising, and raising awareness.

Choose from several types of paper bags in this product category:

Paper bags with paper twist handles occupy a high position in our wholesale trade. Depending on your needs, you can choose whether brown or white paper bags are more suitable for you. Kraft paper is used for the production of bags. Bags of this type are suitable for packing clothes and food products. If you want to have an exclusive package, these paper bags can be printed in color to make the usual package unique.


Another product group in this paper bag category is Paper Flat Handle Paper Bags, also a wholesale favorite. This type of bag can also be available in two colors: white or brown. Kraft paper is used for their production, so the bags are durable. The purpose of this type of bag is for clothes, food products, etc. Such paper bags are very easy to fold, they take up very little space when folded, so you can store even a very large number of them compactly.


Paper bags with drawstring handles have a different handle design than the ones described above - they are not paper. Strong and high-quality kraft paper is used for the production of this type of bag. Bags for packaging with drawstring handles can be brown or white. White colors look elegant, aesthetic, so it will be a great choice not only for storing certain things, but also as a gift. This type of bag has an additional card at the bottom, which gives the package strength and stability. Vertically arranged bags will look stylish, and when folded, they will take up little space. White or brown string is used for the handle. Another advantage of this type of paper bag is that it holds up to 5 kilograms of weight!


Paper takeout bags are another product group in this category. These are paper bags for bread, buns, boxes with hot food and other food products. These bags are also made from kraft paper and can be white or brown. Their uniqueness is a wider bottom compared to other bags, so it is very convenient to put food boxes and confectionery packages in such bags for takeout. The most popular paper packaging bags of this type are found in cafes, restaurants, eateries, where you can order food to take away.


Non Woven bags with crossed handles. Reusable, versatile and highly durable non-woven bags will be the perfect choice when a combination of design and strength is important. We can print on these bags by silk-screen printing.


Ultra-luxurious VIP bags, the production of which uses high-quality 200 g paper. The accent of exclusive bags is flat woven or knitted handles, which give the product additional elegance. Ideal for gifts and purchases, if you want to pack your purchases in a special way. We can print by silk-screen printing.


The price of paper bags will pleasantly surprise you - it is not high, so you get an excellent price-quality ratio. This presupposes the popularity of the wholesale trade in paper bags. Paper bags with paper twist or flat handles are especially in demand in the wholesale context.

The production of paper bags uses organic, high-quality paper, so all the paper bags in our range are friendly to the environment and food products, if you pack food in them.


Paper shopping and packaging bags can be with or without printing. If you use print, for example, your logo, slogan, a picture reflecting your activity or products, etc., you will immediately make the packaging unique, original and evoke associations specifically with your activity. Paper bags with a logo or other printing, which you will use for packaging products, customer purchases, business gifts, will become part of the image, will contribute to increasing awareness. Paper advertising bags are one of the inexpensive ways of advertising.

Paper bags in Vilnius - "Pakutės centru" A very wide selection of paper bags at a competitive price awaits you. If you are not from Vilnius or just want to save your precious time, you can buy online - in this case, our products will reach you in any city (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Utena, etc.). Buying online is a way to buy the goods you want cheaper, faster and easier.