Digital printing on various packages

The use of digital printing on already made cardboard boxes, paper shopping bags or envelopes is a new technology that we offer to customers who want to save their time and money.
The new modern equipment gives you the opportunity to very quickly print various logos, inscriptions or pictures on already produced packaging, which you can purchase in the Packaging Center.

When choosing digital printing technology, there is no limit to the number of colors of the logo or image.


During the production of other traditional printing methods (offset, flexographic or silk-screen printing), special printing forms are created, with the help of which ink is transferred onto cardboard or paper.
In digital printing, there is no need to produce special forms of printing, because the printing files are printed by special digital printers directly from the computer. This helps to save time and raw materials.

High speed - low production costs

  • printing of cardboard boxes, paper bags, envelopes;
  • minimum production quantity from 50 units;
  • printing from 1 to 4 layers;
  • production time up to 2-3 working days

Starts from:

pcs/0,16 Eur

Advantages of digital printing
  • Short production times. Digital printing does not have any printing clichés, so this method is perfect for urgent, "here and now" or "needed yesterday" projects;
  • Small amount. Minimal consumption of prepared materials, so this technology is ideal for printing small editions;
  • High quality multi-color printing. Modern digital printing technology makes it possible to print logos in one or more colors quickly and in small quantities.
When to choose a digital printing service on packages?
  • When you want to print a logo with 1 or more colors on a pre-made box or bag;
  • When the order quantity is 50 - 1000 pcs.
  • When deadlines are pressing and you want to receive your order within 2-3 days.
Disadvantages of digital printing
  • White color. As modern as it sounds, digital printing technology still can't print white on cardboard like offset, flexo or screen printing. So, if the logo will be white, you will have to choose another printing method;
  • Sophisticated paper surfaces. Not all digital printers can be used to print on slippery, glossy or laminated surfaces. This digital printer uses pigment-free inks, so they only absorb into cardboard or paper, the surface of which is not covered with any protective material.

Advantages of digital printing on packaging

  • Production time is just 2-3 days;
  • Minimum order quantity from 50 pcs;
  • Printing on ready-made packages;
  • Color printing without restrictions (CMYK);
  • Decreasing production cost when ordering larger quantities;
  • The possibility of printing on various paper and cardboard surfaces.

The experience accumulated over many years in working with well-known Lithuanian and foreign brands gives us the opportunity to ensure impeccable quality of products and services, good production speed and smooth communication with customers.


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