Bubble wrap

If you are looking for a reliable way to protect items that are being shipped or stored, bubble wrap is a good idea. Its essential function is to protect things from mechanical impact, breakage, moisture and other negative environmental influences. The distinctive feature of the film - air bubbles - will reliably protect both large and small items packed in it.

Bubble wrap is one of the best choices for packing breakable items

Bubble wrap can be used to wrap things, additionally protect them, fill empty cavities, put them in boxes or on other surfaces. Bubble wrap can be recycled, so it will be a good choice for environmentalists, anyone who values the environment and considers its preservation a priority.


In addition to packaging, bubble wrap is also ideal as a material to fill an empty cavity in a box. When packing things in boxes for transportation, it is recommended that the contents of the box do not touch the walls of the box, are packed rigidly and do not move. How to do it? For this, special packaging materials are used to fill this empty space, bubble wrap is one such material.


This film has extremely good protective properties, allowing to protect the products during transportation. Bubble wrap is one of the best choices for packing breakable items, such as glass, earthenware, gypsum, porcelain, etc. The air bubbles of the packaging film will also protect items such as larger or smaller appliances. For example, bubble wrap can be used for refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, televisions, etc. additional protection. The wide film is convenient to use for wrapping large items.


The quality of the bubble wrap is an essential criterion when choosing a wrap, because it is the quality that will determine how reliably your items packed in it will be stored. Our store offers the highest quality and reasonable price.


It is also used for other products that are no less popular, such as envelopes with bubble wrap, bubble wrap bags. Such envelopes and bags are very convenient for packing small items. Their protective properties fully correspond to those of the film itself.


The bubble film in our range is made only from the highest quality film with excellent properties, so it performs the protective function perfectly. The film is strong, hermetic, it is characterized by a high level of resistance to water, dirt and dust, it provides protection in case of sudden temperature changes. Packaging film with air bubbles also reliably protects against compression or vibration.


Our email the store sells rolls of bubble wrap. You can choose from several width and length options. Possible width - 0.6 or 1.2 m, possible length - 10 or 100 m.