Bags Production

For those who need the simplest way to package a product, we offer paper bags of various sizes and colors. Bags decorated with your company's logo, name or other text or picture will look solid, attract everyone's attention, and you can quickly and easily put the desired goods or products into them.

The bags can be not only of different sizes and colors, but also with different handles, made of different paper, so you will definitely choose the most suitable for you.

Production of bags with press

The production of bags with press is almost the most demanded process. Printing is possible using screen printing, flexo, and offset methods - such a wide list of options offered by us allows each customer to find a solution that most interests him and meets his needs. We can print a single-color logo or a fully painted bag, graphic elements, photos can also be printed.

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  • because we have probably the widest selection of bags in Lithuania;
  • we have accumulated 11 years of experience in the production of bags;
  • the latest and most advanced technologies are used in production;
  • we care about each customer, so we give our whole heart to communication:.

Bags with print...

From 100 pcs.

Production of bags by purpose:

Production of packing bags

Such bags are in great demand among merchants who offer buyers and clients to neatly and neatly pack the purchased products. Paper bags are suitable for jewelry, clothes, books, accessories, toys, food, etc.

Production of promotional bags

Do you know that a simple paper bag can become a very significant transmitter of a certain message? Therefore, the production of bags with a logo is in high demand among legal entities. We can put your logo on the bags in our range. Such bags will become a means of disseminating your information, help increase awareness, and remind existing and potential customers about you. The production of promotional bags significantly contributes to creating an image.

Production of Christmas bags

As the most beautiful winter holidays approach, the demand for Christmas bags jumps sharply. Paper bags for Christmas gifts are still one of the most popular solutions both among individuals and legal entities. The production of Christmas bags with printing takes place in extremely large volumes, so in order to place an order, you should do it earlier - choose paper bags from our assortment, and we will take care of high-quality logo printing on them.

Production of gift bags

Paper bags for gifts look very aesthetically pleasing. A quality paper gift bag with a logo will never look cheap, in any case, it will be a stylish choice. Pack business and other gifts in them. We can make gift bags with the print you want. The production of gift bags is always in high demand.

We offer you:

  • Paper bags with paper handles. The latter can be twisted or flat. The production of these bags is based on the strength and high quality of the kraft paper used in them. The options of sizes and colors will allow you to choose the most suitable option.
  • Paper bags with drawstring handles. The production of this type of bag also relies on the strength of kraft paper. These bags have an additional card pasted on the bottom, so they look great in both horizontal and vertical positions. The production of these bags is carried out very actively, because this type of bags is very popular - they are suitable not only for storing things, for placing purchases, but also for gifts.

The production of paper bags is a continuous process, as the demand for this type of bag is very high. This presupposes the attractive price of paper bags and the versatility of their use.

In our assortment, bags differ not only in design and purpose, but also in size. We offer a wide selection of sizes and paper used, so even the most demanding customer will find the ones that will perfectly suit their needs. Individual production of bags is possible only in the case of large orders - for individual production, you should contact us personally.

The bag production process is based on the principles of strength and quality. The available experience, the latest technologies, and advanced solutions allow us to realize the set goals and offer our customers the best result.

Production of paper bags Vilnius - "Pakuotės centre" A very wide assortment awaits you at a competitive price. If the production of packaging, promotional, gift or branded bags with printing is not needed in Vilnius, but in another city, it will not be a problem - you can buy online. Modern technologies ensure that all cities are easily accessible: Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, etc.

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