About us

UAB "Pakuotės centras" - for those who appreciate high quality of products and service, wide assortment and attractive prices.
Everyone will find the right package here.
We offer everything related to packaging: an extremely wide selection of different boxes, paper and plastic bags, packaging materials and various services related to packaging (screen printing, offset printing, foiling, production of individual, exclusive design packages, box folding).
The company's experienced team will help you find answers to all your questions.


What is important to us?

First of all - quality. We are maximalists, every job - big and small - is extremely important to us. We make every possible effort so that the quality of the product pleases and meets not only the expectations of our customers, but also our own. And we raise the bar very high for ourselves.

Aesthetics are no less important. The packaging must look good and stylish. After all, it is the appearance that draws attention, and: a) makes you raise your eyebrows in admiration; b) leaves indifferent; c) causes negative emotions. Of course, we are only interested in the first option, because beauty must be everywhere. Lots of it. Even in the little things.

Speed ​​is another of our strengths. When life moves at such a tremendous pace, the reality of the day is well understood here and now. Therefore, we try to respond to requests, fulfill orders and deliver goods as quickly as possible.

We mentioned that we are maximalists. It affects all areas. We pay a lot of attention to communication with Customers. It is important for us that you feel good: get all the answers and advices. Communication with our employees is easy, simple, pleasant and, of course, effective.

Courage. We love challenges! They not only encourage improvement, but also prevent you from standing still. Therefore, if you can't find the right product for you in our assortment, challenge us and we will try to meet it.
For us, the things listed above, are like 5 orders of UAB "Pakuotės centras", which help us to achieve the best packaging solutions and the highest customer rating.

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