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If you're looking for individuality, if you want to be even more visible, if you don't want to be confused by additional advertising, if you admire products with logos or inscriptions, then choose the silk-screen printing services provided by UAB "Pakuetės centras". Boxes or bags with the company's logo, name or other picture or inscription will give uniqueness, the packaging will be more colorful, and your customers will remember the company's name better. What's more, such products will easily become part of your image! Screen printing is worth considering if you are looking for a way to presentably package your products or business gifts. Boxes and bags with screen printing are one of the most popular in our range

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is also called screen printing. The screen printing technique is based on a simple principle - the desired image, created by a computer, is "output" on a transparent film using a special device. From the latter, using the exposure method, the image is transferred onto a frame covered with silk netting. The silk mesh is covered with a special light-sensitive material - photopolymer. The frame is illuminated - the illuminated areas of the photopolymer harden, and the rest are simply washed away. In this way, the desired stencil is obtained. The paint reaches the desired surface through the washed areas.
As a printing method, screen printing is one of the oldest, and its origins are associated with China. Today, the screen printing technique is deservedly one of the most versatile printing methods, providing the opportunity to print on a very wide palette of materials that differ in shapes, sizes and thicknesses.

Silk-screen printing - high-quality, long-lasting, bright colors

  • printing on various surfaces;
  • minimum production quantity from 50 units;
  • print up to 4 colors;
  • production time up to 5 working days

Starts from:

pcs/0,20 Eur

Advantages of screen printing

  • Longevity;
  • High quality;
  • Excellent price-quality ratio;
  • Resistance to environmental effects;
  • Screen printing often teaches other graphic techniques, as it provides an opportunity to achieve results that could not be achieved by other means;
  • The possibility of printing on various types of materials;
  • Due to the peculiarities of the technique and the thick paint layer, extremely rich and bright colors are obtained;
  • Lots of hand work;
  • The screen printing technique is simple, so the process is also simple.

Our screen printing services are characterized by high product quality. Modern silk-screen printing equipment, high-quality inks and other silk-screen printing tools are used in the rendering of services, so the resulting result is impeccable.
The great thing is that screen printing is an attractive option in terms of price. Screen printing on paper, textile, plastic or other surface will allow you to have a personalized package for your product, gift, etc. at an attractive price.

Pakuotes centras UAB is located in Vilnius, but screen printing services are available to all business entities or individuals in Kaunas, Panevėžys, Klaipėda or other Lithuanian cities and towns. So regardless of what your city is (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai or any other), it is convenient to buy screen printing services online from any place in Lithuania - you will see examples on our website, and by contacting us you will find out attractive prices that allow products with screen printing press to buy cheaper.

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