Plastic bags

Plastic bags are a very common packaging choice for clothes, gifts, food, toys and other items. Excellent quality, good price and versatility of such bags make them very attractive. What's more, plastic bags are very compact, packed items look aesthetically pleasing and tidy. And with the press, it also represents perfectly.

Choose from several types of plastic bags in this category:

Non-woven bags with crossed handle - stylish, luxurious, made of high-quality polyester non-woven fabric. This will be a great solution when you want to pack clothes, gifts, jewelry, books or other things aesthetically, choose a more luxurious package. And such bags with a logo will be the perfect choice for business gifts - non-woven plastic gift bags will represent the company and create a great image.


Plastic bags for packing clothes - reliable protection against moisture, dust and other dirt. The bags, also made of polypropylene, are transparent, strong, and sealed with adhesive tape. A very good choice when packing clothes for flights or ground travel. True, such bags are suitable for packing not only clothes, but also jewelry, shoes, toys and other items that require reliable protection and elegant, simple packaging. The bags are transparent, so their contents are clearly visible.


Hdpe plastic bags with handles are very versatile - suitable for various purchases: food, clothes, etc. Different sizes offer a wide range of options. These white plastic bags with handles can also be printed, which will help you stand out and make your products that you will pack stand out. True, such bags are produced only in large quantities - the minimum quantity is 15,000 bags.


Hdpe plastic bags with a cross handle are suitable for storing food, household goods, books, clothes and other items. White plastic bags are perfect for press, so when needed, these plastic bags with your logo will become part of your company image. Hdpe bags with a crossed handle are also produced only in large quantities - from 15,000 pieces.


Ziplock Plastic Bags – The ziplock strip at the top is an advantage of these bags. Both small and large ziplock bags are strong, suitable for multiple use when transporting or storing various items that need to be protected from moisture or dust. These packing bags are a great choice when you're packing clothes for flights, moving, storing clothes that won't be worn, and these bags are irreplaceable for packing loose items like paper clips. And since the bags are transparent, you can clearly see what's inside them.


To which cities do we deliver plastic bags?

"Pakuotės centras" is located in Vilnius, but plastic packaging bags will reach you in any city, be it Vilnius, Klaipėda, the bags quickly reach customers in Panevėžys, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Utena or any other city. Choose bags from our e-shop. in the store - buying online is very convenient and simple, not only that, you will save your precious time. Small, large, medium-sized - our e. you will find the most suitable bags at a cheaper price in the store.