Our state-of-the-art digital printer, proudly made in Lithuania, is the perfect solution for businesses looking to customize their food and packaging products. With our printer, you can easily print high-quality, food-safe images and text directly onto a wide range of food items and packaging materials.

Modern printer, proudly made in Lithuania


This digital printer allows high-quality printing of various labels on food products and packaging. This means you can create unique design ideas that reflect your brand and stand out from the competition.



With our printer, you can print directly on food products and packaging, eliminating the need for additional stickers or packaging materials. This helps to optimize the production process and reduce costs.



You can print on a variety of food products and packaging materials, giving you the opportunity to create unique design ideas for a wide range of products.


Safe to use

The printer we sell uses food safe inks that are safe for consumption and meet all food and veterinary requirements. This means you can print on food products knowing that your products meet all safety standards.



By designing your food products and packaging with your branding and other design elements, you can increase brand recognition and customer engagement. It helps to increase sales and grow your business.


Investment in the future

It is a smart solution for businesses looking to improve their brand, increase efficiency and stay competitive in the food and packaging industry. With this printer's advanced features and capabilities, you can take your products to the next level.