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Packaging for shipments

Do you know that the smoothness of the parcel's journey and the protection of the contents of the parcel are largely determined by the packaging for the parcels? Therefore, in order to effectively protect the contents of the shipment, the packaging for the shipments must be new and of high quality.

The packaging for shipments in our range can be divided into two broad categories:

The packing of parcels - is a significant process that needs to be given enough attention and not done dismissively. High-quality packaging for parcels, suitable packaging materials and correct packing of parcels are essential aspects that will determine the protection of the parcel during transportation.



they are definitely at the top of the most popular list for parcel packaging. Boxes made of corrugated cardboard, of which there are several types, are strong and designed for long-term storage and transportation. Food, clothes, toys, shoes, fragile and breakable items, etc. can be sent in such boxes. Corrugated cardboard boxes are also suitable for moving. The great thing about them is that they fold up and become very compact when not in use.



courier, paper, with air protection, glued to documents. Two-layer strong LDPE film is used for the production of courier envelopes. This type of envelope reliably protects their contents from moisture and other environmental effects, and is suitable for sending small, loose items. The attractive price of these envelopes also contributes to their popularity. Choose envelopes with air protection if you plan to send fragile, valuable items, such as jewelry, documents. Bubble air protection will ensure that the contents of the package will not be damaged by impacts, scratches or other mechanical effects. We also offer self-adhesive envelopes for documents - a great solution for contracts, invoices and other documents that need to be glued to the package of the shipment. The latter provide reliable protection against precipitation, so you don't have to worry if the parcel falls under the rain.



"Pakuotės centras" is located in Vilnius, but if your city is not Vilnius, but Kaunas, Klaipėda, Utena or any other, it's not a problem, because you can buy packages for shipments faster and more conveniently online.