Adhesive packing tape with custuom print

When sending parcels, the question often arises, which adhesive packing tape to choose - with or without a printed company logo?
Or should you ask yourself which is better, one or two for the price of one?
By using simple packing tape without a logo or company inscription, you only do the packing.
By choosing an adhesive packing tape with a company logo or slogan, you are not only packing the shipment, but also promoting your brand.
2 for the price of 1 - a packaged package and a message delivered to the recipient.

From a simple logo to a colorful graphic design. The self-adhesive packaging tape with printing that we produce opens up limitless possibilities for distinguishing your product from others.

Save time, space and money:

  • One tape for all your shipments;
  • No more packaging with the company logo;
  • Stand out from the crowd! Get noticed;
  • Minimum order quantity: 32 rolls of tape with printing;
  • Price from 1.11 eur/piece. + VAT
Cost-saving marketing

Instead of using individual stickers or space-consuming and expensive custom printed boxes, opt for adhesive packing tape with your company logo or slogan.
You will save not only your precious time, space, but also money.

Become more visible

A shipment decorated with an adhesive packing tape with your company logo will be more noticeable than one covered with a normal adhesive tape without printing. And your brand will be visible and remembered during the entire journey to the customer.

Stand out from the crowd! Get noticed.

Types of adhesive tape with printing
  • PP White tape with Hot-Melt glue, 48mm*54m;
  • PP White color tape with Solvent glue, 48mm*54m;
  • White paper tape with Solvent glue, 50mm*54m;
  • Brown paper tape with Solvent glue, 50mm*54m.

Advantages of adhesive packaging tape with logo:

  • Greater visibility of the brand during shipping or transportation;
  • Proof of professionalism, a sign that you care about what you do;
  • Two in one - pack and be seen;
  • It creates a feeling of curiosity and impatience to unpack the received package as soon as possible.


Adhesive packaging tape with printing is perfect for various industries and purposes:
e-commerce, retail chains, manufacturing companies or gift packaging.
Use adhesive tape with printing to seal boxes, envelopes or postal packages, turning each package into a branded and attractive package.

Our custom-made adhesive packaging tape with a company logo or slogan is a versatile and effective solution for companies that want to strengthen their brand identity, improve packaging aesthetics and leave a lasting impression on their customers.
Decorate your packages with this economical and effective packaging method.

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