Hot Stamping

Have you noticed that on cards, thank you notes, fancy notebooks, etc. metallized - gold or silver - lettering? They immediately catch the eye and give the item a completely different value. It's no secret that a glossy, foiled logo text or graphic image printed on the box will give the package an impression of luxury, uniqueness and solidity and will undoubtedly attract everyone's attention. After all, it is no secret that gold and silver shades do not leave anyone indifferent and attract the eye.
During foiling, textual or graphic print elements are covered with metallized foil using a hot press. The most popular colors are gold, silver and copper.

Hot Stamping - what is it?

Foiling, also known as hot foiling, is the covering of a part of a product with foil. This coating can be done in the following ways: digital or traditional/conventional. Simple foiling is based on the use of a special form, which you may hear called a cliché in many places. It is heated and, using that form, a special film is pressed against the surface to be foiled, on which the pigment details are pressed onto the desired surface. The pigment particles are glued to the surface using the adhesive layer on the film - the heated raised form elements come into contact with the foil, liquefy the glue on the film and they stick to the foiled surface. Those areas of the foil that are not in contact with the form remain on the film.
Another foiling technique is digital foiling, which does not require the production of the aforementioned form, and the foiling is done digitally. Such a process is faster compared to conventional, 3D foiling options are available.

Increase the value of your product!

  • give the packaging a sense of luxury;
  • stand out from the competition;
  • become more visible.

Minimum production quantity:

From 100 pcs.

Hot foiling: what you need to know?

The foiling technique can be applied to your production, which is printed by silk-screen, offset or digital methods.

Which - conventional or digital foiling - is more suitable for you?

Digital foiling will be a better choice if you need to print logos, names or other short notes on various covers and the runs are small. And conventional foiling using a special form will be a more practical choice when you need to print large postcards, business cards, letterheads, notebooks, etc. circulation.

What does foiling provide?

First of all, as we mentioned, the most commonly used colors are gold and silver, and it's no secret that they are associated with luxury, elegance, and solidity, so if you want to give your products exactly that impression, foiling will be the perfect choice. The metallized surface will not go unnoticed, it will increase the value of the product - after all, the visual image is often the first one we form about the product.

Surfaces on which foiling is possible: paper, cardboard, plastic, leather, etc.

What can be transferred by foiling?

The foiling technique will help to transfer not only textual information, but also graphic information on the desired surface. Therefore, it is a great solution for embellishing invitations, workbooks, plastic cards and many other items. Foiling is often used for the production of business gifts, if you want to make an impression on their recipients.
The price of foiling is not very high. If you would like to know how much it might cost to foil the surfaces you want, we suggest you contact us and we will provide you with detailed information.
We use modern technology and advanced methods for foiling, and our experience also adds the necessary knowledge and abilities to provide services of the highest quality. Foiling services at "Pakųtės centru" - competitive price, professional service and attention to each customer.

Are you interested in foiling in Kaunas, Šiauliai or any other Lithuanian city? Even though "Pakuotės centras" is located in Vilnius, our services can be used not only by Vilnius residents - modern technologies, the Internet, fast-moving shipments allow you not to limit yourself and buy services regardless of the strategic location. Pay cheaper, get quality services faster, enjoy an impeccable result. We will take care of it!

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