Silikonized baking paper

If you like to be in the kitchen and treat yourself and your family with delicious baked goods: cakes, cookies, buns, etc., then baking paper will undoubtedly be an irreplaceable helper in the kitchen.

Why is it worth buying siliconized baking paper for you too?

Probably, many have experienced disappointment at least once, when after taking the most delicious-smelling buns out of the oven, it turns out that it will not be so easy to remove them from the tin - a burnt bottom spoils both the baked goods and the mood.


It is completely different if you use baking paper - if you line the baking sheet or mold with it, the baked goods will not burn. What's more, you won't need to use a single drop of fat! Using baking paper, you can very easily remove cakes from the baking pan, and cookies or muffins from the baking tray. Baked goods will be unburned from top to bottom and cooked to perfection. And these are not all the advantages! The baking paper will ensure cleanliness and you won't have to bother to wash the burnt tin. You will remove the baked goods, then remove the baking paper, and wipe the form or tin with paper towels or lightly rinse it under a stream of warm water.


Siliconized baking paper is characterized by heat resistance.

It can be used up to 5 times, depending on the cooking temperature and cooking time.


Baking paper -  is versatile and can be used not only for baking, but also for freezing food and packaging confectionery.


Our range includes double-sided siliconized baking paper for frying a variety of dishes without using any additional fat.