Kraft bags

Various paper bags are a very common choice for food packaging. Kraft paper is given the epithet of strong paper. The production of this paper is based on a unique manufacturing process that gives it exceptional strength.

Kraft bags are made of thin Kraft paper.
This feature makes Kraft bags suitable for packaging hot meat, bread and pastry products as well as various bulk products. Various sweets also seem to be nicely packed in them. Tea herbs or aromatic coffee packed in such paper bags are suitable for gifting - they will look aesthetic and delicate. And the reliably glued seams of the bag will ensure the durability of the product, help preserve the aroma and freshness of the packaged products.

Suitable for packing hot meat, bread and confectionery products

In our assortment, you can choose Kraft bags of various sizes. The window allows you to see the products inside while the bag is unopened.

Produced with or without individual printing - the bag can be decorated with your logo, other picture or inscription.

All Kraft bags meet the safety and hygiene requirements of the State Food and Veterinary Service.