Doy-pack stand up bags

The inner side of these Doy-pack bags is laminated, so such packaging will be resistant to moisture and grease. These bags are perfect for both bulk and liquid products: sweets, tea, coffee, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, even chemicals and more!
The bags have a reliable string closure, they are strong, stackable, so they are easy to store, and they also look stylish and presentable.
These Doy-pack bags are also suitable for automatic and manual sealing machines.

Made of kraft paper or clear plastic;

We offer a wide selection:

  • made of kraft paper or clear plastic;
  • different capacities, for example: 250, 500, 750 ml, etc.;
  • different dimensions, for example: 110 x 85 x 185 mm, 130 x 70 x 225 mm, 160 x 80 x 270 mm, etc.;
  • in a package - 100 pcs.