Hexagonal cake box

Looking for a more original way to pack a cake? Don't want to go with a regular square cake box? We suggest you consider the hexagonal box option - exclusive, aesthetic and very beautiful. A round cake will fit perfectly in this box. Such hexagonal box is intended for those who seek innovation and value high quality. It is suitable for special occasions, because in a more sophisticated box, the pastry itself acquires more luxury, makes a greater impression, draws attention.

The box for the cake is intended for those who are looking for innovations and value high quality.

The sophisticated shape provides an opportunity to include unique cake shapes, not only traditional.
The hexagonal cake box is white on the inside and on the outside.
Hexagonal boxes for cakes are made of strong 350 g white cardboard.
These cake packing boxes are packed in sets of 10 pcs.


What is icluded in the package?

The cake box set includes:

- assembled box bottom (10 pcs.);

- assembled box cover (10 pcs.);

- cardboard reinforcement of the bottom of the box (10 pcs.);

- slip-on box side (sleeve) (10 pcs.).


What cities do we deliver cake boxes to?

Do you need cake boxes in Vilnius? Visit the "Pakuotes centras" store, located in the capital, and choose the most suitable hexagonal or other shaped box for your cake. Another convenient way, if your city is not Vilnius, but Kaunas, Klaipėda or any other, is ordering online. In our online store you can choose from a wide range, take advantage of the attractive price and fast shipping. Shopping online - an opportunity to independently plan the purchase process.