Boxes for cakes

Square cake boxes - one of the best choices for safe storage or transport of your cake. These boxes will not only protect your cake, bet also look neat.

Modern, easy-to-assemble box design

The classically designed cake boxes come in two versions: of two and three parts. When buying online you will have the opportunity to choose the desired size. The spectrum is wide - from small to large, so everyone will find the most suitable box. With a subtle white color and a sleek classic look these cake boxes are perfect for gifting as well, without the need for special packaging.


Cake boxes are made of white cardboard, easy to assemble, strong and reliable. Cakes in these boxes can be stored in refrigerators and safely transported. Square boxes for cakes - reliable protection against external effects, dirt, smells. In such a box cake will not dry out, its appearance will not change and it will be presented fresh and presentable on the festive table.


These cake packages are ideal for those who appreciate classics, simplicity and quality and cares about ecology problems. Cardboard is an ecological material, it decomposes quickly, so by using these square boxes you not only protect this delicious dessert, but also the environment. Due to its suitability for contact with food, cardboard is an excellent material for making cake boxes. What's more, these square boxes are very light, so it won't cause additional problems if you need to carry a packed cake or reload a larger amount of them.

All cake boxes meet the safety and hygiene requirements of the State Food and Veterinary Service.