Organic containers for snacks

If you sell snacks, take care of your customers' health responsibly - replace the usual plastic food packaging and containers with a high-quality alternative that is safe for health and the environment - organic snack containers, the production of which uses sugarcane.

Organic containers for snacks

What makes cane snack containers stand out?

Sugarcane is a safe and ecological material for food packaging. Unlike plastic food containers, those made from sugar cane are completely harmless to people and the environment. They are 100 percent. organic, therefore ideal for contact with food. Another advantage of them is that organic cane snack containers are compostable, which is extremely welcome in the context of ecology.

Organic snack containers made from sugarcane are resistant to water and grease.


What can such packages be used for?

  • for cold and warm snacks;
  • for snacks with liquid sauce;
  • for loose snacks, etc.

Organic containers for snacks in our range:

  • Chapter 1 or 2; of different capacities:
  • 400, 580, 750 ml or others;
  • of different dimensions: 160x110x36, 190x120x36 mm or others;
  • in packages - 50 units each.

Which cities are organic snack containers delivered to?

If you need organic containers for snacks, we invite you to visit the "Packaging Center" in Vilnius or buy online at our e-mail address. in the store. We will deliver purchases to any city in Lithuania: Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Utena, Panevėžys or another.