Bamboo skewers

We can only be happy that nowadays many consciously take care not only of their health, but also of the environment around them. And in the context of this perception, ecology is extremely important. If you follow these principles, you will most likely be giving up plastic food packaging and utensils. And what to replace them with? In our assortment you will find great alternatives, one of which is bamboo skewers.

Bamboo skewers

What distinguishes organic bamboo skewers?

These skewers look very aesthetic, so they will fit perfectly even on a representative, fancy, festive, official meeting table, and will also be a good choice for a trip to nature, a trip. Bamboo is an ecological material that transfers all its good properties to this final product.

Bamboo skewers are very suitable for contact with food. What's more, they are versatile - you can put cold snacks, cut fruits, vegetables, sweets on them.


Bamboo skewers in our range:

these bamboo sticks are natural bamboo color, very beautiful, aesthetic;

length of skewers - 15 cm;

there are even 200 pieces in the package.


To which cities do we deliver bamboo skewers?

Are you thinking about what to replace plastic disposable tools, pins? Do you want organic, durable, but also good-looking skewers at a very good price? Bamboo skewers will definitely meet your expectations! We are waiting for you at the "Package center" located in Vilnius or you can buy online. email We deliver orders placed in the store quickly and smoothly to any city in Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Marijampolė, Alytus, Utena or others.