A4-56: 56 labels per sheet 52.5mm x 21.2mm

56 on the label sheet. The pack contains 5600 labels

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Self-adhesive labels on A4 sheets are a practical and convenient solution for various labeling tasks.
Perfect for offices, small businesses, and home applications that require efficient and aesthetic organization and labeling of documents, products, or organizational systems.
In the online store of the Packaging Center, you will find a wide range of universal adhesive labels of various sizes, sold in convenient packs of 100 sheets.

We offer labels in a variety of sizes so you can find the right size for any purpose, from small address labels to larger product descriptions.


  • A wide selection of measurements;
  • Compatible with all standard office printers, both laser and inkjet;
  • Adheres perfectly to various surfaces (paper, plastic, glass, metal);
  • Convenient packages of 100 A4 sheets.


  • Marking of documents, binders and archives;
  • In electronic commerce;
  • For product labeling.

The most popular measurements:

  • 105*148.5 mm (4 pcs/sheet);
  • 105*74 mm (8 pcs/sheet);
  • 105*48 mm (12 pcs/sheet);
  • 70*42.3 mm (21 pcs/sheet).

Why choose adhesive labels on A4 sheets?

  • High Quality: The labels we offer are made only from the highest quality materials;
  • Reliability: The glue is perfect for various surfaces;
  • Economy: Compact packages of 100 sheets - ideal for those who save space;
  • Ease of Use: Compatible with all standard office printers, both laser and inkjet.

*The appearance of the actual product may differ from the image.

Quantity PCS Discount %
5 - 6 2 %
7 - 9 5 %
10 - 15 10 %
16 - 19 15 %
20 - more 20 %